Arthur Bodie has performed internationally on large and small stages, the largest stage being the MGM Casino in Reno, Nevada where he performed in Hello, Hollywod, Hello. He has written of his experience there: "I moved to Las Vegas in 1978, auditioned in every Hotel Casino on the Strip. Nothing. There were no black dancers in the Vegas shows at that time. Finally I called the MGM Grand Hotel Casino and asked for an audition. They agreed and invited me to come and watch the show "Hello Hollywood Hello". I was auditioned between shows. They liked me, but no black dancers as yet. I received a call almost a year later in 1979. They had built an even bigger MGM Grand in Reno, Nevada and had decided to put blacks in it. I became one of only nine black dancers to perform in this show." The 1980's found him performing his own work as he evolved his unique dance style and fitness method.

Bodie has a talent of looking at things (people or machinery) and understanding how they work. He amplified this talent through years of study of anatomy. He evolved his knowledge of moving anatomy from his books and from years of teaching experience.

He wrote Bodie's Manual of Anatomik Movement in 1979. He begain experimenting with the principals of what came to be called Tonercize in his studio in Santa Cruz, CA , in 1979 and wrote the first edition of the Tonercise Manual in 1983, in Paris. In 1983 he wrote Conditionnement Musculare and in 1984, Body Lifting. A second edtion of Tonercise was written in 1984. As name Tonercise was inappropriately appropriated Arthur has changed the name to Bodie Method Fitness. His books will be available here as epubs. We invite you to enjoy his Encyclopedia which is appearing (gradually) on this site.