Arthur Bodie Dance and Fitness Studio was established in 1980, in Santa Cruz, CA. It moved to France in 1983 and where it continued to grow for more than10 years, as generations of people from all walks of life benefited from Arthur's unique methods. Bodie fitness classes were featured in annual telethons.

Now located in New York City, it is the home of unique in the Bodie Method Fitness and Anatomik Dance Technique. based on Arthur's detailed study of muscle/bone attachments.


fitness positionThe Bodie Method Fitness (BMF) classes teach students to work with the weight of the body to make it stronger, balanced, coordinated, flexible, defined and poised. It is a recommended study for those with back and knee problems or for those wishing to prevent them in the future.

dance positionAnatomik Jazz Dance classes are open classes for Arthur Bodie's dance technique which was created to improve the body, not to break it. Students will attain healthy alignment, incredible strength, and learn to use the correct muscles to move powerfully and gracefully. Dancers of all levels are welcome to benefit from the corrective focus of Arthur's instruction. Anatomik Jazz Dance classes will enhance the movement of experienced dancers. Dancers will learn a new level of physical awareness to correct misplaced tension to attain a higher level of control and placement. The technique also creates performing dancers from students who arrived with only a dream and determination.

Class sizes are kept small to assure personal attention.

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