These classes are for everyone (12 years old or older). Since they are designed to achieve anatomically correct posture and movement, they are safe and therapeutic bodies old and young, broken or overdeveloped. They require discipline, focus and determination.

Here's what his students say:

"i plan on coming as much as possible in the evenings and on weekends. I was really impressed with his exercises, what muscles were engaged, how they were used, and his ability to really get you to the correct alignment. Pretty incredible. Brilliant man.

I look forward to the next class."

Michelle I.


"Arthur Bodie is a great teacher who can cater to an individual in need while still giving a full and productive class.""Arthur Bodie is a great teacher who can cater to an individual in need while still giving a full and productive class."

Kathryn Goldbeck


I love this class - I came on a voucher, and signed up to stay, which I've never done before. Arthur has a great, healthy technique that tones every muscle in your body, and customizes the classes to who is participating - truly all levels of fitness can participate, from professional dancers to couch potatoes. You get a great workout, learn a lot, and it's really fun.

Anna H.


Arthur is amazing!!! I have never experienced anything like it. I plan on going for a very long time. He really knows how the body works.

Judy H.


When you sign up with Arthur get ready to WORK OUT. He will stretch, flex and move your body in ways you have never moved before, activating muscles you never knew you had! I initially started seeing him once a week two months ago and have since upped to twice a week. I have definitely already noticed differences in my posture and I am much more aware of how I carry myself. Another great thing about Arthur is his ability to modify moves to your individual needs, I started working out with him soon after having surgery and couldn't put pressure on my arm. Amazingly my batwings were one of the first spots I noticed becoming tighter, after my stomach! He is an incredible motivator and not only are his dance-based moves really fun but so it his attitude.

I recommend Arthur's classes to anyone who wants to shape up, learn to move gracefully and stretch their way to long, lean muscles. His entirely unique routine will change your body and outlook on exercise!

Candy V.

I've been taking classes with Arthur for a couple of months now, and I love it! every time I come away feeling taller, stronger, and more. I am really noticing the difference now that I have increased my classes to twice a week as opposed to once. The elements of dance that Arthur incorporates really work on every single muscle group, and I have felt a huge difference in my flexibility, strength and coordination.
I love how much I have learnt about my body, and how I now know my flaws, what I need to work on, and how to do it safely and effectively.
Thanks Arthur!

Theresa C.


I arrived at Arthur Bodie's Dance and Fitness Studio recovering from recent knee surgery and an injured back. Arthur's classes have totally rehabilitated my knee and healed my back. I take four classes per week and am now working on strengthening and balancing the muscles in my body so that I will avoid future injuries. I've been in dance classes for most of my life and I was amazed to find that I was doing such peculiar things! I recommend Arthur's classes to people who want healthy, fit bodies and to dancers who really want to clean up their style. Arthur's incredible knowledge of the body and the personal attention he gives to his students are something very special.

Angie C.

I have had the pleasure and privilege (not to mention the good health benefits) of attending Arthur Bodie's Dance and Fitness classes regularly (twice a week) for the past 2 years, and I can absolutely say it has changed my life for the better.  His unique stretch and exercise program has improved my figure, as well as my strength, coordination and stamina.  And it's fun, too, as you move to energizing music, with personal guidance from Arthur, who lightens the intense workout with his sense of humor. I even dance better in my ballet classes as a result of Arthur Bodie's original dance and fitness techniques, which engage a person in using muscles that are not ordinarily used in everyday life.  I highly recommend attending Arthur Bodie's Dance and Fitness Studio if you want to look and feel better.

Martine Mallary


Susan Yankowitz - New York 2010
I have tried gym memberships (which have gone to waste); boxing lessons (which ultimately required I make contact with someone's face); dance classes (where almost everyone else was a female, too -- and two others were alcoholics); and various home or outdoor exercise programs that failed due to my sad lack of discipline.
A few months ago, I found Arthur Bodie, an expert fitness trainer, dancer, and personal trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable about the human body, young and old; is generous with his time; develops an individualized program consistent with your needs and body; prices his sessions fairly and, best of all, in my opinion, will come to your home or office.
Here is his website -- -- and you can contact him at
Tell him that I sent you!

Yours, in better shape,
Susan Yankowitz


Translated from French
An ancient student too far away and extremely envious of you all.
Cathy Fournier to all of Arthur Bodie's students.
In life there are things indispensable;
indispensable to our well being; indispensable to our happiness; indispensable to our balance;
It's a privilege to have Arthur Bodie in your city to bring you all of these things and all of it through his classes.
He has done so much research and studies and gave so much of himself to get to where he has arrived that you can have total confidence in him.
Everything that he will teach you, everything that he will bring to you is the results of years of personal and unique work.
Drink in his knowledge!!!
An ancient student too far away and extremely envious of you all.
Cathy Fournier

Translated from German
Hi folks, Before I tell you more about Arthur in his fitness classes I would like to say that he is one of the best fitness and jazz dance teacher in this world.
I can assure you that I'm not the only one who thinks so, but anyone who was with Arthur at his school in Corsica will tell you that his classes are great for the body, mind and soul, and whether man, woman, young or old, his method is for everyone.
I even told my Physiotherapist and an Osteopath (that I was seeing for a slipped disc) about Arthur and after having tried his classes for themselves they strongly advised me to stay with him.
They said: "that Arthur is strict, but he is a necessary and important person to work with and his method will alleviate and in some cases completely heal back problems and I strongly agree.
It has now been 14 years but working with Arthur's method has completely healed my back. I have never had any more problems with my back or cervical spine since .
He was the only teacher I knew who corrected your posture and position from beginning to the end of each class for each individual student, teaching us to do the exercises correctly from the start to avoid creating future problems. This is not so often the case with other fitness trainers.
Additionally, with Arthur the simplest exercises were corrected in a way that made them hard to do but the pleasant side is a speedy acquisition of a slim, taut, muscular body and legs.
I remember well, Arthur made sure that we did each exercise fully until we could feel each muscle of our body. He has always managed to strictly monitor every one of us, seeing to it that we kept high energy to the end of each exercise. Its very inspiring.
Music with each exercise was only a pleasant hit, which is why we always managed to make it to the end of the exercises. I have never felt so well in my body as in the years when I was with taking fitness lessons with Arthur.
I can only recommend to everyone who wants to feel comfortable in their body, mind and soul - without the use of "machines" and "gadgets" only their strength and the muscles of their own body - to try his method, and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Dear greetings from Germany by Manuela